“Covid” visa extension: Key details from the newest order from immigration

A signed doc from the Thai Immigration Bureau regarding the deadline for the 60-day “Covid” visa extension was leaked last night time. While there has been Thought-provoking , the doc reveals that the deadline to apply for the extension has been pushed from at present to March 25.
There are some key details included in the doc that international residents in Thailand should take notice of. Here are the sections from the document relating to these with a Visa on Arrival, Tourist Visa, and Non-Immigrant Visa that have been translated from Thai to English…
Section three relating to Visa on Arrival
Foreigners travelling to the Kingdom and having a Visa on Arrival are unable to request to stay in the Kingdom briefly based on this letter and can’t request to alter the type of visa. Asked to comply with the immigration letter No. 0029.161/ว 3808 dated December 9, 2021, relating to tips for compliance with immigration legal guidelines.
Section 4 regarding a Tourist Visa
In the case of foreigners coming into the Kingdom by obtaining a Tourist Visa (TR), if wishing to stay in the Kingdom briefly, they have to submit an utility to quickly keep in the Kingdom according to the need reason as acknowledged in item 2.4 first. If nonetheless unable to journey again out of the Kingdom, they’ll apply to stay within the Kingdom quickly based on this letter.
Section 5 regarding Non-Immigrant Visa
In the case of foreigners coming into the Kingdom by receiving a temporary visa (Non-Immigrant Visa), cannot request to stay within the Kingdom temporarily based on this letter. If wishing to briefly stay within the Kingdom, should proceed based on Order No. 327/2014 regarding standards and circumstances for contemplating an alien applying for a brief lived stay in the Kingdom, dated June 30, 2014 and amended, and Immigration Order No. 138/ 2014 with subject: List of Documents Supporting Consideration in Case of Aliens Applying to Stay within the Kingdom for a Temporary Stay dated July 7, 2014..

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