Phuket police raid Blue Dragon Lottery scammers, as nationwide crackdown continues

Police raided the operations of lottery ticket scammers in Phuket on Wednesday, as the federal government continues its nationwide crackdown on overpriced lottery tickets sold on the country’s popular Blue Dragon Lottery web site. Three properties on the island have been raided for selling overpriced lottery tickets.
Armed with search warrants, police raided three properties on the island and arrested people who weren’t Blue Dragon Lottery representatives. They seized computers and bankbooks, which had been handed over to the Tha Chatchai Police, near the Region 8 Police headquarters on the northern end of the island. Officers are now investigating whether the folks arrested will face any expenses. Pol Maj Gen Naphanwut Liamsanguan, Police Commander of Region 8, led the raids.
“They worked as a sort of agent whereby Blue Dragon sold lottery tickets to them at B90-97 each, which the agent needed to sell for B100-105, or more. Blue Dragon is involved in promoting overpriced lottery tickets to agents, and agents themselves are selling overpriced ticket. Regardless of where Blue Dragon will get the lottery tickets from, Blue Dragon sells overpriced lottery tickets to brokers and the common public.”
According to Liamsanguan, the raids in Phuket have been a half of coordinated raids at thirteen locations in seven provinces, including Phuket, Chumphon, Krabi, Nakhon Ranong, Phang Nga, Surat Thani and Sri Thammarat.
Assistant police chief Pol Lt Gen Prachuap Wongsuk ordered the raids in Phuket, after seizing “millions of lottery tickets” in Monday’s raid on the workplaces of Lottery Online Co in Bangkok. last Friday, related raids happened on the workplaces of lottery middleman company Mungkornfain in Loei and Nonthaburi provinces.
Following Monday’s Bangkok raid, Prachuap stated they had discovered evidence of ticket transactions price more than a hundred million baht per lottery draw, Thai PBS reported. As a result, the distributors involved in the scheme would lose their lottery ticket quota with the Government Lottery Office, if that they had one.
Earlier Massive , Thailand’s lottery ticket crackdown kingpin, deputy prime minister Seksakol Attawong, said his aim was “to deter ordinary folks from engaging in promoting overpriced tickets.” Meanwhile, Myths involved face prosecution for making hundreds of thousands of unlawful baht within the lottery scheme..

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