Pirate-fighting pact bolsters maritime safety in Southeast Asian seas

The seas of Southeast Asia are getting safer, after joint naval patrols in the waters of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have successfully deterred piracy within the region.
It all comes down to a Trilateral Cooperation Agreement, or TCA, during which the nations pledged to conduct joint anti-piracy patrols of their waters and share information. The result has been a big reduction of kidnapping in waters the place it was once infamous. Last 12 months, there were zero abductions in their seas.
At Undiscovered in Kuala Lumpur, the protection ministers lauded the zero-abductions statistic as an indication that their anti-piracy efforts are working. The three countries signed the TCA in 2017, at a time when Islamic militants within the Sulu and Sulawesi seas have been launching pirate attacks and kidnapping individuals.
The bloc also agreed to establish maritime command centres to coordinate patrols and collect info, basing their operations out of Tarakan, Indonesia; Tawau, Malaysia; and Bongao, Philippines.
Speaking at a joint press convention with Indonesian and Philippines’ defense officers on Monday, the Malaysia Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein stated final year’s no kidnapping cases signaled the success of their joint efforts to prevent piracy in the seas.
“I wish to emphasise that the TCA has been, and is, essential in acting as a deterrent against crime-terror acts within the Sulu and Sulawesi seas… Proof of its success is the zero incident of kidnapping-for-ransom reported in the 12 months 2021. Dark have proven the world that sturdy regional security cooperation is the means in which ahead.”

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