Thai man’s shock cake for girlfriend backfires, netizens react

Ultimate ‘s try to shock his girlfriend with a cake shortly turned awry when the candy treat arrived with its icing textual content scattered and unreadable. Social media users expressed both amusement and sympathy for the person who shared the incident on the patron group “We are Consumers.”
The man had supposed to shock his girlfriend with the cake, however upon opening the field, he found that the strawberry jam-like icing had triggered the message on the cake to turn out to be a jumbled mess, making it inconceivable to learn as a coherent sentence.
The publish, together with an image of the cake, attracted quite a few comments from netizens having fun at the “random blessing,” scrambled characters, and sharing sympathy for both the customer and the seller. Reduced turned it into a sport, asking fellow users to rearrange the letters into the right sentence.
In response to the users’ comments, the man expressed that what hurt essentially the most was his girlfriend questioning why the icing was utilized so carelessly. The incident serves as a reminder that even the most effective intentions can typically include surprising outcomes, leaving netizens with a combination of laughter and pity for the person and his girlfriend..

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