Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand says Thai 5G is not an issue

After a wave of flight cancellations and airline schedule and tools reshuffling in the US, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand spoke up to reaffirm that 5G indicators in Thailand wouldn’t have any conflicts or unfavorable effects on plane or flight gear. The CAAT explained that, in Thailand, 5G bandwidth is on a different wavelength than anything utilized in aviation expertise. Cancel anytime stated that they’ve been closely watching the 5G state of affairs since final year.
The problem was raised within the US as a outcome of, not like nearly every other nation around the world, the United States didn’t reserve any part of the frequency spectrum completely for aviation equipment, and bought an uncomfortably shut section of the spectrum to cell carriers AT&T and Verizon for use of their 5G expertise. The 5G frequency the cellular carriers had been using and about to activate close to airports throughout the country was very close to to the radio altimeter frequencies on Boeing’s in style 777 and 747-8 airplanes.
Many consultants had been fast to announce that this could be a drawback distinctive to the US and that other countries aren’t experiencing any threat. Thailand now has also responded to the issue, stating that the 5G in the country uses the 2.6 GHz frequency band which is a safe distance from the radio altimeters within the Boeing plane that operate between four.2 and four.4 GHz. In the US, 5 G is allowed to function between 3.7 and three.ninety eight GHz, too close for security as an altimeter informs pilots of their distance to the ground, and are crucial to securely land a flight, particularly in dangerous climate or low visibility.
The CAAT in Thailand even stated that for the previous 7 months they’ve been notifying airlines to ensure they’re conscious of the frequencies that 5G is working in, making contact specifically after being told by the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Civil Aviation Organisation of the potential battle..

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