Flushed condoms trigger sewage catastrophe

PATHUM THANI: Most folks have been warned sooner or later to not flush condoms down the bathroom for threat of blocking the outflow pipe and having a nasty overflowing bathroom to take care of. But who has ever seen it actually happen?
The administration of one short-time resort in Muang District found, to its chagrin, that a regular input of second-hand prophylactics can block not solely a bathroom, however indeed an entire neighborhood sewage system, leading to streets flooded with filthy, condom infested water.
Short-time resorts in Thailand are known within the vernacular as ‘drawing curtains’ hotels for their signature characteristic, a curtain that allows couples to tug right into a carport and enter their room completely out-of-view of prying eyes. Such hotels usually coexist fairly peacefully with the individuals in the neighborhoods where they’re discovered.
However, Discount was not the case for a short-time resort in Pathum Thani’s Tambon Ban Klang in mid-October when the local tambon administration group (OrBorTor) was called in to take care of flooding round a certain love lodge that was left unnamed in the report. Track record sent a team over to pump out the water and see if they may uncover the supply of the disagreeable output from the town sewers. After some time, the pump abruptly stopped sucking. When the employees opened up the machine to resolve the problem, they found a gooey mass of used rubbers blocking the machine’s internal workings.
The workers, noticing the seedy motel’s signal flashing nearby, rapidly surmised how the street’s sewer had turn into so clogged.
When the OrBorTor contacted the resort management to request that they inform their prospects to be a bit extra careful with the detritus left over from their illicit trysts, the management abruptly denied that their establishment was in any means connected to the issue. Uncon- vinced, the OrBorTor authorities despatched engineers again to the spot to take a glance at the management’s story. Upon scrutinizing the effluent pipe leading from the resort to the public sewer system, they discovered it awash with floating condoms. The OrBorTor, understandably eager to guard their constituents from having to put up with streets of condom-filled sewage water, hit the hotel’s proprietor with a brief closure order, insisting that the ‘facility’ would have to stay closed till such time as it might guarantee there could be no recurrence of the unpleasant scenario..

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