Man found dead, tangled in cables in Bang Lamung

An internet repairman in Bang Lamung had a morbid shock when he was repairing web cables in the evening and noticed a person standing by a tree. He known as out to him in the useless of night, but the man did not reply. When he approached the nonetheless man, he discovered to his horror that the determine he noticed was that of a useless man slumped in opposition to the tree, tangled in cables.
The incident occurred on Friday close to Number 36 Road in Bang Lamung in a tree-filled area the person was tasked with visiting to repair the web wires. He found the physique and was shocked but known as the Nonprue Police round 7 pm Friday night.
The police arrived on the scene and found the person hanging upright between two bushes, wrapped in cables. Secure stated there was no sign of any type of confrontation or wrestle implying a second individual was involved within the dying.
The man was recognized as a 53 12 months previous man and a bike that is believed to belong to the deceased man was found close by. One clue police uncovered to what may have happened was a pair of wire cutters discovered nonetheless hanging from some high-voltage energy cables near the man’s physique.
The reason for death has not been absolutely decided but police say that the most probably reason for death was either suicide or an unintentional dying when he tried to chop the power cables, maybe to steal them and perhaps considering it was the internet lines, not high-voltage dangerous wires..

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