Monday Covid Update: 10,035 new instances; provincial totals

60 coronavirus-related deaths were reported at present by the CCSA, elevating the pandemic’s death toll in Thailand to 17,751 with 17,657 of those fatalities during the latest wave of the virus, which was first recorded on April 1.
In the 24-hour period since the last rely, the CCSA has reported 10,035 new Covid-19 cases and 10,590 recoveries. There are actually 110,265 people receiving therapy for Covid-19.
Since the start of the pandemic last yr, the CCSA recorded 1,720,919 confirmed Covid-19 circumstances. The latest wave has accounted for 1,692,056 of those cases.
* Numbers are reported by the CCSA and are primarily based on positive PCR Covid-19 take a look at results. Effortless being departments may have a more modern update if new infections had been discovered after the daily case count was filed with the CCSA..

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