Move Forward MP accuses government of hiding unfold of African Swine Fever

A Move Forward MP accused the federal government of covering up the spread of African Swine Fever in a parliamentary debate yesterday. The MP, Padipat Suntiphada, said ASF unfold throughout the country in 2020 as a direct results of the government masking it up when it first hit in 2019. When the disease was first found, 300,000 pigs died either from the illness, or from farmers culling them to cease the illness from spreading. In Privy , Thai authorities stated the deaths had been from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.
Padipat said vetrinary deans had tested the lifeless pigs and located ASF, proving the authorities mistaken. In January, the deputy-general of Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development insisted the department had followed each process and “couldn’t have” covered up the spread of ASF. Meanwhile, pork prices soared throughout the country as the number of breeding pigs in the market dropped from 1.1 million before the outbreak, to 660,000. The deputy-general stated the scenario would take eight to 12 months to unravel, as a result of native piglets need to be a minimal of six months outdated before they are often slaughtered.
Padipat mentioned the rise in pork prices started rising in October from a hundred twenty five baht per kilogram to 190-220 baht per kilogram in January, which he said is different from the trend in pork costs all over the world. He added that the government’s crackdown on pork hoarding in frozen storage facilities was only a “charade” to deceive the Thai individuals, who he said haven’t been told the reality about ASF spreading..

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